People Are Laughing At These 43 Cats Chilling In Places They Shouldn’t Be, Posted By This Twitter Account

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The internet is one of those platforms that caters to pretty much anyone and in any way, and today, the lovers of cats and how blasé they are can rejoice. We present you with a list of photos showing places where cats shouldn’t be, but they are, because they can.

The Twitter thread “place where cat shouldn’t be” has a whopping number of 644.8K followers who can’t get enough of sharing the funniest places cats manage to take a rest, catch a good nap, or just hang out and watch the world go by. As you’re having a laugh or two, you can vote for your favorite ones and let us know what you think.

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It seems that the generic trend is of the cats needing a nap in the most ridiculous places. You have cats sleeping in vases, on top of newly grown fragile plants, and positioning themselves in quite uncomfortable-looking spaces that are often probably too small for their size. And it’s evident that the necessity to place themselves in the most unexpected places was inevitable and had to be done.

The Twitter account @catshouldnt, collecting and sharing funny pictures of these fascinating purring creatures, has been making everyone chuckle since November 2020, raking in thousands of likes for their posts. And perhaps when it comes to cats, the creatives behind @catshouldnt are sure that they won’t be short of material to share for as long as cats (and Twitter) exist.

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