People Are Cracking Up At This Guy’s List Of Rules For People To Follow In Case He’s Ever In A Coma

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It’s always a good idea to be prepared. It’s not just a responsible thing to do, but also a very practical solution to potential problems, even if you don’t expect them, just in case.

Well, this guy has it all sorted out.

A TikToker has recently shared a hilarious video of the rules to follow if he finds himself in a coma, supposedly for his family or others who will be taking care of him while he’s unavailable.

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There are situations that you can’t be prepared for, but you can surely try—like preparing for a coma

Image credits: Paul Black

Meet Paul Black, a Scottish actor, writer, and TikToker, who published a video on his TikTok channel listing all of the things that his caretakers, whether his family, friends, or the hospital staff, have to follow until he bounces back.

The list includes a variety of rules that, for the most part, are absolutely hilarious, but some do make sense regardless if you’re serious about this or not.

Paul Black, Scottish actor, writer and TikToker did so by making a list of rules for if he ever found himself in a coma

Image credits: Paul Black

Things like keeping him shaven, inviting people to talk to him, not even necessarily apologizing, and updating him on world events sound very reasonable, and there are many cases when people actually do it with comatose patients.

Everything else is, however, a straight-up parody that will certainly set you in a good mood. It’s things like running social media and Go Fund Me campaigns for the guy, putting a cigarette to just let him know he has one, including him in TikTok trends, and playing Lady Gaga’s ‘Chromatica’ over his Apple AirPods.

You can watch the full video below

@paulbiackComa Rules #fyp #foryou #scottish #lgbt♬ original sound – Paul Black

The list includes a variety of rules—some quite sensible, but others rather comic

Image credits: Paul Black

Among the comments, he said, he explained that the pop-culture updates have to be from a trusted source, preferably a gay man, and it should include news like Rihanna dropping a new album or if Meghan Markle gets assassinated.

For his hair, he said he needs a skin fade, a type of fading haircut, to be done once a week so as to avoid sideburns as he doesn’t have the facial structure for it.

Things like demanding apologies from those who wronged him in person and including his comatose body into TikTok Trends is what made the internet laugh

Image credits: Paul Black

Also, the social media manager for his coma must be paid 25k a year for keeping his spirits alive, the Go Fund Me must raise enough money for his new skinny body for interviews, and whoever comes through the Make-A-Wish foundation must be “a real” pop star, not a “local” one.

His video went viral, garnering over 415k views on TikTok and 90k likes across several platforms

Image credits: Paul Black

Over 415,000 people have already watched the video on Paul’s TikTok channel and found it hilarious. Since the video launched, it has garnered over 95,000 likes across multiple platforms.

What are your thoughts on this? If you somehow got into a coma, what would be some of your rules for people to follow? Let us know in the comment section below!

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