I combined my highest resolution moon shot with my highest resolution sun shot to make this composition. Zoom in, it's nearly 8k resolution! [OC]

9 months ago 338

I've made many of these compositions in the past but always struggled getting them to have a nice smooth transition. I'm happy with how this one turned out. The moon was captured using an 8" telescope and is from a 778 megapixel image. The sun image was captured with a special telescope and taken when there was a massive solar storm raging in the atmosphere following an M-class flare. Important to note that this image was inspired by a recent post from a friend here.

To see the original pics for each of these, check out my instagram. I recently put together some new solar equipment that will enable me to get much, much more detail on the sun, so check out my stories if you’re curious how that’s going.

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