50 Times People With No Kids Had Something Sassy To Say

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The number of babies born in the US in 2018 fell to the lowest level in 32 years, according to a 2019 report by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. The numbers indicate an ever-growing trend of more and more young people, especially millennials, opting for a childfree lifestyle.

Even though the joys of growing a child are undisputable, skipping parenthood may often seem an appealing decision to millennials who face college debts and enormous costs of living. Instead, many opt for the freedom of traveling, experiencing things, and cherishing their personal independence.

But in order to find out why exactly so many people make the decision of a childfree life, we have to look at what these people have to say themselves. So we rounded up some of the most illuminating tweets on the joys of life without kids that will surely give everyone a lot to think about.

To find out more about why some people opt not to have kids, Bored Panda reached out to Amy Blackstone, professor of sociology at the University of Maine and the author of “Childless by Choice: The Movement Redefining Family & Creating a New Age of Independence.

Amy explained that people opt out of parenthood for both internal and external reasons. In terms of the internal, “research shows that common reasons include a desire for autonomy, an interest in spontaneity, and a preference to nurture relationships with partners and others in their life.”

Another interesting finding according to Amy is that childfree people cite concern about the environment, concern over the state of world affairs, and concern for the children who are already here. “Increasingly, I'm hearing from childfree people that environmental concerns top their list of reasons for opting out of parenthood,” she said.

When asked about the kinds of joys that childless life can bring, Amy confessed she was happy to hear the question.

Amy, who leads a happy childfree life herself, said that “One of the most common myths about childfree people is that we live sad, lonely lives. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

“People without children report that they enjoy nurturing the bonds they share with their partners and friends, that they feel fulfilled by having the time and resources to give back to their communities, and that they appreciate the freedom to pursue a wide variety of interests, passions, and hobbies.”

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