40 Twitter Users Share Pics Screaming ‘I’ve Been In Quarantine For Way Too Long’

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As we have passed the one-year mark of the pandemic, people online decided to look through the year they have left behind and what the hell they have been actually up to. Over the course of the notorious 2020, we more or less spent our time in the shelter of our homes. If you aren’t a key worker and depending on which country you live in, then it’s most likely you have spent quite some time in quarantine with stricter or lighter rules and regulations. And as what we were used to as ‘normal’ all of a sudden vanished or turned into not-normal, or got blown out of proportion, we all of a sudden had to think of how to get entertainment for us and our households and more or less stay sane. 

The popular American actress Brie Larson addressed the internet community on her account @brielarson, asking people to say they’ve been in quarantine for a year without actually saying they’ve been in quarantine for a year. And if you haven’t baked something, put together a puzzle, or purchased tons of gym equipment, have you really experienced quarantine? Let us know what you've been up to and if you can relate to some of these posts in the comment section.

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@brielarson's post, with 34.1K likes and counting, received so much attention not without reason. Being taken away from our daily routines, hobbies, and pastimes and suddenly finding ourselves in loungewear for more than 7 hours a day, 7 days a week trying to help our children make the Zoom classroom work suddenly became the norm. Perhaps you fell into purchasing collectible cartoon figures or gym equipment online, to mourn over shut gyms and your fantasy club meetings.

Growing out beards has also been great evidence of spending a year mostly at home, as well as stacks of series of books that have been devoured during the year the earth stood still. You had a few walls that needed painting? That’s probably done now, as well as completing 2-3 hand-knitted items and re-arranging everything in the living room that needed re-arrranging.

And if you haven’t engaged in baking, perhaps someone that you know did, that one friend that we all have that baked sourdoughs for everyone and posted at least one scrumptious vegan salad photo every two days, since restaurant meals have been replaced with wonders created in the comfort of personal kitchens. Maybe you have turned your living room into a music studio, recorded two or three decent-sounding tracks, and uploaded them on SoundCloud. And if not that, then maybe at least you bought some new instrument and learned how to somehow scratch your favorite tune. And at the end of the day, if you have done none of those things, well, that also could be serious evidence of spending a whole year in quarantine.

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