21 Of The Funniest Children’s Reactions After Finding Out Where Babies Come From Shared On Twitter

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Raising children is a hard job—you feed and care for them, you protect them, and, most importantly, you're their primary source of information, so you'd better act like a walking encyclopedia. And while some of the questions are about colors or which type of dirt is best to build mud castles with, there are some harder topics that children sometimes stumble upon, and it's a parent's job to explain them to the best of their ability. Luckily, there are cases when the otherwise tricky situation can lead to a few laughs and a fun experience.

This Twitter thread was started by user megan (@meganmuircoyle), who kick-started a discussion about funny stories involving the first sex talk with kids. The seemingly innocently hilarious tweet revealed that plenty of parents have funny memories of their kids finding out about the birds and the bees.

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The "talk" comes at a variety of ages. Some children can wait until they are 10 years old before their curiosity peaks, while others want to know the story when they hit 5 years. It all depends on the inner drive to know things, and the parent's willingness to talk about the topic. And as the thread proves, regardless of the age, all variants of the conversation can end in a funny memory.

There's also the inherent benefit of talking to your child about sex (regardless of them being on the younger side). For one, they will grow up with the knowledge of what it means, which will likely ease their trips down puberty lane. Additionally, if parents share their experience with a child, it creates a genuine connection between the two, further driving home the point that it's completely natural and not something to be shied away from.

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