Rules and laws are implemented for a particular reason. Its marks orderliness and successful communities serving to keep resident us from declining into anarchy. Nevertheless, a few rules are just quite awkward and unnecessary. Clever and enterprising individuals know this and evidently refused to take a bow to such a system.

Attempting creative ways in bending the rules, freeing themselves from the chains of oppression while also getting a taste of freedom, this list gives the best examples of times people declined laying down and perhaps went their own way instead. Read on!

The school’s uniform dictates students must wear a belt. A friend forgot his, so he improvised.

corpratepirate -Via

Utah bars are required to offer food, so this bar did just that.

Plasmididdlydoo -Via

The office’s thermostat cannot be adjusted, but there’s trick.

NoahsArcade84 -Via

Students were asked to pick a Marvel character and write a resume and cover letter of that character.

I got into a Volcom Release party with a bracelet made of grocery store receipt.

MCmevin -Via

Plus one point for you.

Blahson -Via

This fan is banned from the stadium for a year, so he rented a crane.

PepeTheMemeFrog -Via

It was 90 degree but the Music Festival wouldn’t allow vendors to sell drinks.

berniethecatch -Via

School dorm has strict rule about no opposite sex in respective dorms, so couples hang out like this.

Schumway -Via

School’s requirement is full suit with tie. Coat is allowed during winter.

EliteZealot -Via

Dorm was against pumpkin. So here’s my solution.

alexschwarz_1 -Via

Please cover yourself if you need to breastfeed. That works.

Dad went to Vegas for 5 days, left a camera in the house. This is what I did.

KevinMieles11 -Via

Camp made kids write a letter home on the first week.

I_Killed_My_Friends -Via

The rule states only one side of a piece of paper for formula sheet.

sansix -Via

The new job needed a picture of me in suit, but I don’t have one.

tw0bears -Via

Brazilian mayor does not allow bar owners set their tables on the sidewalk.

NteveSash -Via

If you were a Chinese immigrant from the 1870s describing your experience.

reddit -Via

Boys went to school in skirts because it was hot and they weren’t allowed shorts.

Told son that it was too nice out to play game inside.

No bike riding, gotcha.

Green vehicles parking only.

Clarence1212 -Via

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