When was the very last time you read a label on your clothes
or any item around your home? Turned out, product designers have overtime been
sneaking in hilarious messages in places you can’t think of checking, and
interestingly you might get shocked at what you find.

Companies or perhaps businesses are taking the time to have
a little bit of fun, expressing a sense of humor while also spreading a little bit
of happiness to their customers. Undeniably, they need to be applauded for such

Here we’ve compiled 20 everyday products featuring sneaky
hidden messages that will certainly cheer up your moody/boring day. Enjoy!


If you’ve never folded a paper airplane before, this envelope got your back.

Reddit_banter -Via


Such a beautiful wish.

AlfMisterGeneral -Via


Found this basketball shoes of Kobe’s with the three names of his daughters engraved in Braille on the sole.

reddit -Via

This sparkling water bottle giving the advice we all need right now.

Sergeantmajor186 -Via


My yogurt greeted me this morning.

reddit -Via


Found a cute sloth hiding behind the label!

smiletaytay77 -Via

A tip as to what you should do with this small piece of cloth.

grannygogo -Via


Got this new glasses with a cheeky message on it.

mazinggstatic -Via


The person who designs this packaging knows.

A_Lazko -Via


Okay, alright. Geez!

reddit -Via

Faces under the knobs on this keyboard!

reddit -Via

TopGear speaking the truth here.

bananarchie -Via


Boyfriend’s blender bottle has a motivating message under it!

vrbart -Via


The floral pattern on this raincoat is only revealed when wet.

trashyfictions -Via


The first and most important ingredient.



The footrest of this Jeep has Morse code that reads, “Sand, snow, rivers, rocks.”


Eco-warrior salutes in ramen cup!

pixelfetish -Via


A treasure map was hidden inside this coffee mug!

vc13vc13 -Via


Meanwhile in Melbourne.

delcooper -Via 


Found on the bottom of a bag of mozzarella when turning it upside down to get the last of it out.

mae_35 -Via

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