18 People Who’ve Creatively Fixed Their Dented Cars


The vehicle world can be categorized into two – the first
is of individuals who pamper their cars way better than they treat themselves
and others. People under this category worship their cars as small gods and
maintain it at all costs. They can’t stand the sight of dirt, much more a dent.

The second is of people who can go from point 1 to point 2
and their perspective of vehicles is undeniably a bit more practical. The
inevitable nature of wear and tear is a norm and anyone who’s ever owned a
vehicle can attest to the aforementioned when dents occur.
Nevertheless, you can easily imagine what the first kind of
people will do when dent happens on their car and for the second people, they
get creative and don’t visit a mechanic shop.


How Best Can You Deal With Crashes?



Car Bumper Turns Mailbox: 1



Hulk, Is That You?


The Rainbow-Colored Bumper



Jurassic Park Advert!



Damn It Laura! Damn!


Band-Aid Did The Magic. Isn’t This Cute



The Wonder Of Deer On A Car


The Scary Face On Car Dent

The worldwide epidemic of road crash disabilities and fatalities,
according to the association for safe International Road Travel is regarded as
a main public health fear. In a bid to reduce the occurrence of deaths and
injuries, it’s opined that being informed and having access to information on
risks is the key. Nevertheless, these cover-ups are hilarious and innovative,
but still it’s best to visit a mechanic shop for internal damage check.

Chuck Norris Was Certainly Here



That’s Definitely A Strong Punch ‘Pow’



The Best Way To Deal With A Car Scratch



Thor, Your Hammer Is Finally Found


The Earth Without Art Is Just ‘EH’



The Usefulness Of A Permanent Marker Pen


Ninja Turtles Here We Go

Band-Aids Added By 16-Year-Old Sister To My Car


The Perfect Solution To Cover Up A Huge Dent


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